Home Cleaning

Have you ever moved into a home that was not well maintained and found yourself in an impossible situation?

Well, that happened to me recently at my new house in Dallas and I didn’t know where to start. It was a foreclosure property. Unfortunately, the previous owner had sold it. There were inches of dirt everywhere. Some surfaces were discolored but, I liked the place and that’s why I settled for it.

Now Dallas is a city where you find almost anything that you?re looking for so I looked around and recruited a pair of hard working people that I hoped could clean up the house.

Two bedrooms, et al took a whole day. Rather embarrassing but I knew I couldn?t do it myself. In fact there was dirt in places you could not imagine. The previous tenants seemed to have ignored the basic rules of hygiene and sanitation.

Liz and Joe did a great job and I was only too glad to offer them a handsome tip. They were reasonable but I realized its better to be patient and request your landlord to clean up the place before you move in because it will cost a ton.

the QuickBooks training I took

I went to three QuickBooks class trainings and, you know, that is some amazing accounting software.

This one time I watched QuickBooks training tutorials and decided I should learn more. Since then, I studied with a Microsoft Excel training course that the same QuickBooks training provider had on sale.

I love learning. Maybe my boss will let me attend one of their training classes for QuickBooks.

Buying Trip

I just purchased one pair of New Balance shoes plus a brand new electric garage area heater. We are saving money for that television and I want a different wrist watch.